Construction Management Strategy – Supervision and Control
  • Milestones driven through integrated schedule for all packages
  • Early production of detailed method statements and dedicated team to secure areas ready for work and clearance thereafter
  • Integration of method statements where interfaces occur with other parties
  • Forward planning – detailed review, risk and opportunity workshop
  • Performance monitoring/reporting, KPIs with exception reports
  • Logistics plan – delivery, storage, material handling and protection
  • Resource requirements
  • Labour availability and support
  • Pro-active competence vetting of supply chain resource.
Construction High Level Challenges
  • Integrating MEP construction methodology with MC project strategy
  • Management of MEP staff/labour
  • Required skill-sets
  • Strategy and co-ordination of plant and equipment
  • Security management
  • Project phasing/sequencing
  • Construction close-out and remedials
  • Early MEP involvement, effective communication, understand project goals
  • Effective logistics management and co-ordination
  • Recruitment screening/skills testing
  • Integration of MEP P&E management system with MC project management plan
  • Harmonise with MC project management plan, electronic time management, site control of manpower movements
  • Effective co-ordination of critical path, milestones and deadlines to ensure timely handovers
  • Dedicated QA/QC close-out management team.